Big Changes

Door frame
Outside in and the inside out. No better thing to do than work outside on a nice day. Problem is, the loading dock is the only way to do that since our door to the courtyard is normal size. But, we are fabrication guys and no project is too large to tackle. A tackle it we will.

A long journey ends

She was a study in exaggeration and communication. I was going to do something simple. A friend said how boring. Another said, try exaggerating. I went and sat at the Cullen Sculpture Garden at Houston’s Museum of Modern Art. All the big boys are there. Giacometti (sp) in particular caught my attention. Rosetta, communicating, became She Welcomes the Sun
A neighbor saw we had a for sale sign up in our yard. She said her walks down the street had always been joyful because of my art. “May I buy her.”
We installed a couple weeks ago. Everyone is happy. image

It’s the little things

I’m frantically pushing to get the fabrication shop in Houston finished before Monday. Work looms, sculpture needs installing, power just came up in a pure form and painting and remodeling continues. There are some massive changes happening to the building.

Sometimes the little things make the most difference. I had the overhang recovered, wood trim replaced and HardiPlank replacing the plywood soffits. Yup repainted and redone. But…it was the green trim (right from the Mexican flag) that brought the side of the building to life. A person walked by and said “This store being opened by a Mexican?” Jesse who was painting said “No, it’s a white guy”. Person on the street said “May be white but he’s a Mexican”. My response “In my heart”.

Small changes

So now a place to build

True love. There is a building in Houston that I have always loved. It speaks to me. Well now it is really talking as it becomes the shop of dreams. Destruction is almost complete with a “take it to concrete and brick” (versus studs) approach. My tools need a home and my art needs space. So we begin…

Destroy1And continue… Lots of “rat holes”. Those surprises when one begins to take stuff apart. I am really curious as to the thought process behind a window system comprised of dozens of pieces. It absolutely doesn’t make sense. Dismantle, clean, sandblast, paint and rebuild. But with some modern parts.


And soon the rebuilding begins. I want to be there in two weeks. My tools in place and projects coming out. It will be a commercial space but one where the love of the building goes straight to the art of the project.

Rebuild1And sure enough, we start putting it back together. Too fun!